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Is your computer running slow?  Tired of all those annoying popups?  Where did all these crazy toolbars come from?  FBI warnings about porn driving you crazy?  If you dont pay $300 you'll get reported?  What is all this crazy stuff happening to my poor laptop?  I dont even watch porn!!!  Yikes.....relax, we can help.  We've seen just about every fake warning and rogue malware out there.  We can handle whatever you throw at us, so before you throw your computer out the window, call us and let us get you back on track.


  • Super fast turnaround times

  • We communicate with you frequently so you wont feel left in the dark.

  • Most computers are returned running BETTER than NEW. 

  • Preserving your data is always our top priority. 

  • We give you tips on how to prevent this craziness in the first place.

  • We set up backups to occur regularly to prevent future data loss.

  • Call us, we're here to help - even remotely!



We build over a hundred computers a year from the smallest and simplest to the most bleeding edge technolgy machines.  Whether it be a typical employee workstation or a high speed gaming or stock trading monster, -you name it, we can build it.  How about a computer for your automobile - yes we can do a carputer for you.   From water cooled to a tiny micro machine for a spot with limited access, we've done them all.  Dual boot Windows and Mac with Bootcamp or Parallels - we can do that.


We are certified technicians with over 25 years of experience repairing laptops, desktops and other electronic devices. We will take a look at your machine, determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.  We will be totally honest with you and tell you if it's worth it, and make full recommendations.  In most cases, when finished, our clients machines run even BETTER than new!  


LCD broken?  Liquid Damage? Spouse ran it over?  No problem - let us take a look.


We fix ALL brands, Yes even Macs.  Why over pay and wait way too long at the genius bar?   Did Apple tell you they have to send it out for repair?  We will fix it at our office or in your home  or workplace.

Need data recovery service from a bad hard drive?    We can help!​   Computer Repair in Simsbury, Computer Repair in Hartford, Computer Repair in Avon, Computer Repair in CT, Mac Repair in Simsbury, Mac Repair in Hartford, Mac Repair in Avon, Data recovery in CT, Computer Sales in CT, Computer Sales in Simsbury, iPad repair in CT, Computer Sales in Simsbury, Computer repair in Simsbury, Computer Repair in Canton, Computer Repair in Farmington, Computer Repair in CT, Mac Repair in CT, Mac Repair in Simsbury, Mac Repair in Farmington, Mac Repair in Canton, Mac Repair in Simsbury, Mac Repair in CT, Laptop Repair in CT, Laptop Repair in Simsbury, Laptop Repair in Farmington, Laptop Repair in Avon, Laptop Repair in Canton, Laptop Repair in CT, Custom Built Desktops in CT, Custom Built Desktops in Simsbury, Computer Repair in CT

Bad hard drive?  No problem.  We have the tools to recover your data whether it be mechanical or logical.  We can recover data from RAID sets, individual drives, Mac drives, flash drives, memory sticks, and even SSD drives.   It doesnt matter what type or size drive it is - 1.8", 2.5" 3.5", IDE, SATA, MSATA, SSD, SAS, SCSI, internal or external - we will look at the drive and give you an estimate, then we'll even give you a list of the files we are able to recover, and you can decide what you'd like to do next.


Global Computer Consultants can build you a custom server to fit your needs and budget.  Call and have one of our IT Professionals meet with you to discuss what we can do for you.  We can maintain your server and your entire network to keep your company up and running 24/7.   We will take into consideration the variables that many customers forget to ask such as - How much noise will this server make?  How much space will it take up?  Will it fit over here? What if the power goes out?  When we sit down with you, we will cover everything you already thought of and everything you didnt.  Need remote access from home? No problem. How about from your phone? We can make that happen!



We will sit down with you and discuss your business needs, talk about your history, and what you'd like your target audiance to learn and read about your company.  We estimate the cost and timeline and review your options  and make recomendations.  We then provide you with several formats and themes until we can make you happy. Whether you just want a simple informative site or a complex site with motion and secure shopping - we can do everything in between.  You'll see some of our past projects and you can even talk to our clients.


Global Computer Consultants recommends


Our years of experience enable us to take straightforward approach to solving our clients' most complex business challenges. Global Computer Consultants work hand-in-hand with clients to improve business performance, maximize IT investment value, and create competitive advantage. We offer a wide range of expertise, including enterprise network design, business application outsourcing, and technology integration. We are determined to make our clients' businesses run better in the most practical, sensible ways possible. We bring unique ideas and solutions to our clients' business issues — not fixed answers. We believe that by treating every clients challenge as unique, we increase the possibility of discovering ways of making their businesses run better. Run-of-the-mill solutions produce run-of-the-mill results, and our clients deserve better.


Want the biggest and best quality home theatre on your street?  When we're done, you can host the neighborhood movie night at your house!  How would you like to hide all the equipment in a closet, hide all the wires, play movies wirelessly from a laptop or desktop, use 1 touchscreen remote to control everything?  We'll show you the latest technology in Audio/Video equipment that will amaze you and your neighbors.  Just bought a TV and want to hang it over the fireplace?  Yeh, we have an app for that....



Global Computer Consultants can build your network from the ground up.  Our IT Professionals have over 25 years of experience, are very easy to talk to and are down to earth individuals.  We'll look at the layout of your property, determine the best locations for devices, see what needs to run and connected and where and give you a clear understanding of what, where how and why it will happen.  We are very detailed, and precise - when we do our installs, we treat it like its our home.  The term "Can't see it from my house" is not an option.  Neetly run, orderly, out of sight and above all, safety are our main concerns.  Cable management is just as important as getting it done right the first time.   Call and have one of our IT Professionals meet with you to discuss what we can do for you.  Again, need remote access from home? No problem. How about from your phone? We can make that happen!  Let us show you some of our work so you can see for yourself.


Our IT Professionals have over 25 years of experience and love what they do for a living.  Let us sit down with you and discuss your needs while we tell you a bit about ourselves so you can see for yourself.  Currently, we are the System Administrators for over 25 local businesses around Central Connecticut, and we remotely manage businesses in other parts of the country.




Need a home theatre installed? How about a Man Cave?   We can help!
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